Sports conditioning centre

New functional fitness gym opening to the public in 2020 and covering the towns of Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

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Traditional gyms are dominated by cardio and strength machines, often leaving a small space in the corner for free training. With the rapid rise of functional fitness, stretching and sports conditioning, RCSC will provide a large, spacious training area, surrounded by a range of core and functional training equipment.

Our Equipment

  • Plyometric boxes
  • Battles ropes
  • Fintess tyres
  • Weight vests
  • Prowler sledge and sprint track
  • Boxing bags and equipment
  • Foam rollers and stretching aids
  • Kettle bells and dumbbells
  • Resistence bands
  • Squat rack and plates
  • Slam, wall and medicine balls
  • Bulgarian bags, squat bags
  • Fitness decks and sports mats
  • Pull up bars and TRX suspension trainers